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Induction Cooking

Induction cooking is a “hot topic” in Mauritius right now and is the latest in stove-top technology. When cooking with induction‚ only the cookware is heated and not the surface of the hob, making the process fast, energy efficient and safer than conventional stoves.

Induction hobs use magnetic energy

When an induction hob is turned on to medium temperature, the surface remains cool to the touch. As soon as induction friendly cookware is placed on this surface, magnetic energy kicks in and applies immediate heat to the base of the unit.

AMC cookware is induction friendly, meaning even more savings on electricity!

The AMC “New Generation” (introduced in 2009) is “induction friendly” and will allow you even more savings on electricity using your induction hob. For AMC ranges manufactured before induction technology, we have produced the InSim plate, which allows you to use your AMC purchased before 2009 on any induction hob. The Insim plate acts as the medium that is heated by the induction hob, which heats your cookware.