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The AMC Book - (Free with orders over Rs 30,000)

The AMC Audiotherm® - (Only on Order) 

The AMC Book is a recipe book as well as an instruction book which helps you to use and care for your cookware easily and correctly. We have included over 150 fully tested recipes to help you enjoy a lifetime of cooking the healthy waterless and fat-free way.  The Audiotherm® is your partner in the kitchen, keeping an eye on your cooking so you don’t have to. It will alert you when your AMC unit reaches important temperatures indicated on the Visiotherm® – first red area (time to start frying, or reduce heat), 12h00 to 13h00 position (ideal temperature for longer cooking) and 2nd red area (unit too hot). Once in place, the Audiotherm® will signal an alarm when the Visiotherm’s gold indicator is aligned with the arrow on the Audiotherm®.