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AMC Visiotherm®

The Visiotherm® is your personal kitchen assistant that takes the guesswork out of cooking. With a built in thermometer, the Visiotherm® indicates the temperature inside the unit during the cooking process. This allows you to control the temperature.

How does the Visiotherm® work?

As the unit preheats, the gold indicator in the Visiotherm® will move according to the temperature inside. It indicates the ideal temperature to start frying, browning or cooking specific foods, and it shows you when the temperature is too high. View the Visiotherm® as a clock face. There are four key areas to consider as the indicator moves during cooking:


 visiotherm-1 Cold area
This indicates a cold unit, or a cold lid that was removed during cooking. Preheat your empty unit on medium to brown or sauté foods. Or place dripping wet vegetables or rice with water in your cold unit and heat on medium.
 visiotherm-2 First red area
When heated over a medium temperature, this indicates the ideal heat to start browning or sautéing most foods without the addition of fat. Or you need to reduce the heat now when cooking rice or waterless vegetables.
visiotherm-3 12‘o clock
The ideal cooking temperature is between the 12 o’ clock and 2 o’clock position.
visiotherm-4 Second red area
The unit is too hot and your food might burn. Reduce the termperature or remove the unit from the heat.