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feature-a Cook smartly at the right temperature
The AMC lid knob has a built-in thermometer called the Visiotherm®, which is fundamental in cooking the AMC way. By using the Visiotherm® it is possible to cook over medium to low temperatures, using less water, fats and oil. The lid knob also includes a finger guard to protect fingers against a hot lid.
feature-b A versatile lid makes cooking a pleasure
A weighted, perfectly fitting lid creates a water tight seal during cooking. The lid also has a non-drip design, capturing moisture that has collected on the inside and keeping kitchen counters clean. The lid fits conveniently between the handle and rim for safe placement while stirring or adding ingredients to your meal. And finally, when reversed (lid knob facing down), the lid becomes a stable serving base.
feature-c Non-drip rim
AMC cookware features a narrow design rim with a groove, that is impact-resistant and designed to pour liquids without dripping.
feature-d Comfortable "stay-cool" handles
Ergonomically designed handles are easy to grip and stay cool during cooking, allowing for easy handling and carrying.
feature-e Mono-cooling sides assist in the cooking process
The sides of AMC units are made of a single layer of stainless steel. These mono-cooling sides play a key role during the cooking process as “cooling zones”, keeping the cooking temperature just below boiling point and allowing food to cook gently.
feature-f Akkutherm base provides even heat distribution and retention
The AMC Akkutherm base ensures perfect heat distribution and retention, eliminating “hot-spots” and the need for a hotplate when serving. With the release of the New Generation cookware, AMC can now also be used on induction cookers.
feature-g Cook out of the kitchen
The Audiotherm® is a unique AMC product that, together with the Visiotherm®, will emit an audio alert when a desired temperature has been reached. This allows you to tend to other responsibilities around your home while cooking is in progress.