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About Us

AMC Cookware based on German technology, is a leader in its field, offering world-class 18/10 surgical stainless steel cookware. With its patented Akkutherm Molecular Base, it is timeless in quality and design and covered by the company’s lifetime guarantee. AMC cookware are manufactured in factories located in Spain, Italy and South Africa. AMC Ltd has an excellent after-sales service, including a re-polishing unit which is unique in Mauritius.

AMC Cookware has enjoyed close to 50 years of proven success around the world being present in more than 35 countries and in Mauritius since 1981 within the Currimjee Group. AMC has six branches, located in Curepipe, Belle Rose, Flacq, Goodlands, Port Louis and Riviere des Anguilles.

AMC Ltd markets its products through selected Sales Consultants who are supported by a competent and well trained sales support teams.


  • FOR HEALTH : The gentle cooking process limits the loss of nutrients and the lower amounts of fat and oil necessary means that your meals will be much healthier.
  • FOR EASE AND CONVENIENCE : Everything is so quick and easy that you are sure to succeed when using your AMC cooking system. You have more fun as AMC brings pleasure into the kitchen.
  • FOR SAVINGS : AMC cookware is an investment. You save money, time, space, energy, every time you use the cookware.
  • FOR INDUCTION FRIENDLINESS : The beautiful classic design of our cookware will bring pride to any home and can now also be used directly on “Induction Cookers”
  • FOR HYGIENE : The stainless steel used to make AMC is the most hygienic material for cookware. It is non-porous, easy to clean, does not rust and won't release metals into the food.
  • FOR VERSATILITY AND PRACTICALITY : AMC cookware is the only cookware you will ever need. It is a unique multi-cooking system that allows you to cook, stir-fry, grill, poach, roast, bake, grate and serve in the same units.
  • FOR QUALITY : AMC Cookware is manufactured from the finest grade 18/10 stainless steel. We offer a lifetime guarantee on all our cookware units. A two years' guarantee is offered on lid knobs, handles and other plastic parts




To make every household proud owners of AMC Cookware


We promote our nutritious, tasty and economic cooking system, while adopting a professional approach and through culinary demonstrations, for people to enjoy a healthier and happier life.


We ensure that our internal and external customers are continually satisfied and benefit fully from our products and services.

We are committed to adopting a process approach that is customer focused whereby all activities are documented, standardized, transparent, measurable, optimized and strictly accounted for.  We pledge to continually improve ourselves and our Quality Management System in compliance with the International Standard MS ISO 9001.